Does Jay Z strike you as a guy who WOULDN'T need any fewer than three $80 Mayan tuberose-scented candles lit in tandem in any given hotel suite while out on tour? WELL IT'S TIME TO GUESS AGAIN.

Jay and Kanye West, whose Watch the Throne found the rappers on tour together through 2011 and 2012, have some rather extravagant requests while on the road, according to fractions of their riders that TMZ published today (November 2). A few of our early favorites? Exclusively cylindrical vases, Kashi Go Lean and a speaker system that was discontinued 10 years ago. And that just covers Kanye...

According to the site, Kanye also requests 13 bottle of liquor that total $3,200, minty floss and black towels. Jay, on the other hand, whose hotel room must land at a cool 71 degrees Fahrenheit, requests a complimentary bottle of his insanely priced champagne. Also of note: you're not to ask him for concert tickets—if you want to "avoid embarrassment"—or vacuum anywhere in earshot. Roombas qualify...?

And finally, to ensure that Blue Ivy's accommodations are equally as comfortable as his own, Jay requests that a total childproofing-sweep be performed before her arrival (statues, lamps, and breakable objects must all be removed). Oh, and Blue only drinks organic whole milk, naturally.

Surprised by the demands? Check out more of Jay's and Kanye's must-haves, and tell us if any have left you scratching your head.

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