And we thought the paparazzi were brutal to Justin Bieber!

Rapper Kanye West assaulted a paparazzo at LAX Airport on Friday, July 19, while trying to steal the photographer's camera. The pap was snapping shots left and right as an irritable Yeezy tried to navigate the hustle and bustle. Clearly, 'Ye had enough! Sadly, he has been named a felony attempted robbery suspect because of this mess.

As you can see from the video above, the pap taunted 'Ye, calling him "a cool guy." Then Yeezy stepped to the photog, who asked, "Why can't we talk to you? Come on, I don't want to fight with you!" You can tell by looking at the expression on Yeezy's face that he was not in the mood and that he was wearing his crankypants.

'Ye tried to ignore the pap at first but his anger got the best of him. Yeezy approached him and said, "I told you don't talk to me, alright?" Then he says something to the effect of "You try to get me in trouble" and rattles off something about paying $250,000.

Then 'Ye tries to grab the camera, wrestling the guy to the ground. It looked like a tussle but nothing major.

It was actually like a girl fight without the hair pulling and eye scratching. A brawl it was not!

That said, the victim plans to press charges against the rapper and new father, according to TMZ. The photog has already spoken to the police and they determined that he was injured in the attack.

The case is being referred to the D.A. as a felony attempted robbery rather than a battery case; the more serious charge -- in this case, the robbery -- is always pursued.

So 'Ye gets harassed by the paps and ends up accused of robbery. Normally, we'd say that's not a good example to set for baby North, but... it does appear the victim goaded West.

Update: Kanye West will not be prosecuted following the altercation with an airport paparazzo.