Kanye West is all about the high-profile collabs right now, be it live or recorded. West, who is currently riding a crest of media exposure and publicity thanks to his 'Watch the Throne' project with fellow luminary Jay-Z, joined Prince on stage at Way Out West 2011 in Sweden on Friday, Aug. 12.

Go about two-and-a-half minutes into this clip of the Purple One performing a high octane rendition of 'If I Was Your Girlfriend,' which gets an extra shot of adrenaline from West's 'cameo.' West was essentially emceeing the crowd, asking them to put their hands in the air and wave 'em like they just don't care. Literally. He said, "From side to side to side, if you feel alright, let hear you say, 'Hell yeah.'" Okay, we admit it -- we did say "Hell yeah" from behind our computer monitors, only because West got the juices going.

The stage was crowded with people and it looked like bit of a clusterf---, but Prince was kept the flow going. Wouldn't it be beyond brilliant for the Purple One and 'Ye to take this collab from the stage to the studio? It would certainly be one of the most talked about partnerships where rock and rap collide.

Watch Kanye West Join Prince On Stage