While there were tons of standout performances at the 12-12-12 Hurricane Sandy relief concert last night, Dec. 12, Kanye West's leather kilt was probably the most talked-about element outside of the music.

The 'Mercy' rapper hit the stage in all-black attire consisting of a hoodie, leather kilt and matching leather leggings -- on a side note, was it just us, or did Yeezy sweatshirt have an image of himself carrying Jesus Christ?

Even though Yeezy's wardrobe always keeps us guessing, he is definitely not the first male celebrity to rock a kilt at a high-profile event, and he's not even the first to wear a leather version of the Scottish man-skirt! Vin Diesel busted out his leather kilt for the 2003 MTV Europe Music Awards, showing off his manly legs while onstage.

Who wore the leather kilt best? Kanye or Vin Diesel? Or should this look be retired to the Worst Fashion of the 21st Century museum? (We wish that existed...) Vote and leave a comment below!