A couple of weeks ago, Karmin were able to take time out of their busy schedule to talk to PopCrush about their debut album, 'Hello.' While talking about their first major label release, which will hit retailers on May 8, Karmin dished on touring and their dreams of opening for No Doubt.

When asked if they had plans to tour in support of 'Hello,' Karmin frontwoman Amy Heidemann (one half of Karmin along with boyfriend/bandmate Nick Noonan) simply responded, "Definitely." She then continued, "I think our favorite place to be is on stage. That's where we feel the most natural and actually being able to meet all the fans and the people that put us in this position [is great]."

"We're performing at a lot of colleges lately, and I think we're gonna try to open for another artists -- like a mega star artist -- this summer or fall," Ms. Heidemann said, before stating, "We just haven't figured out who yet." So who would Karmin love to tour with? Amy tells us, "I've been harassing our agent to contact No Doubt because I feel like that'd be a really amazing tour. Karmin and No Doubt. That'd be so fun."

You hear that, Gwen, Tony, Adrian and Tom? Karmin loves you and are more than willing to open for you on your next tour! Since No Doubt have an album in the works, the idea isn't too far off. However, Heidemann's tour dreams don't stop with No Doubt. She said she would also love to open for the likes of Maroon 5 (who will likely tour this summer) or Bruno Mars (someday at least), both of whom Karmin respect as artists and love as fans.

These artists a far cry from Karmin's previous opening gigs, in which they found themselves taking the stage prior to LMFAO. "We opened for them quite a few times," Heidemann said of Redfoo and Sky Blu. "It was crazy. The whole party rock lifestyle is not a joke. It's not a gimmick, like that's how they live. Nick and I probably wouldn't be able to survive a week." Despite this, Heidemann and Noonan are proud to say that they "party rocked with the party rock crew."