Game, Set, Love
It's sort of hard to envision LMFAO's Redfoo with anyone by his side other than SkyBlu, but he's been collaborating with a lot of people since the duo took a hiatus. And it turns out he's also been cozying up to a lovely lady with a great backhand. The 'Shots' rapper an…
Sky Goes Solo
Tell us if you've heard this one before: LMFAO member does side project, raps about booze in bottles. You have, about RedFoo -- but now SkyBlu is at it, too. The nephew-half of the duo dropped a single, 'Pop Bottles,' about a week after his afro-and-party-rocking uncle.
New Song!
LMFAO may be on hiatus, but nothing will stop Redfoo from party rocking. The afro-loving frontman has dropped a new electropop song called 'Bring Out the Bottles' in which he promises to keep the bubbly flowing.

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