It's sort of hard to envision LMFAO's Redfoo with anyone by his side other than SkyBlu, but he's been collaborating with a lot of people since the duo took a hiatus. And it turns out he's also been cozying up to a lovely lady with a great backhand. The 'Shots' rapper and professional party rocker is dating tennis star Victoria Azarenka!

In a new radio interview, Redfoo comes clean about his love life and his music career. He began with yet another clarification about the status of LMFAO -- are they ever going to reunite?

"I don't think it's in the immediate plans," he admitted, "but we're always reserving the right to do something. But I think we're just so into our own projects and our own situations," he explained. "It's just two different worlds."

As for his track 'Bring Out the Bottles,' which is thematically similar to LMFAO and even to SkyBlu's solo work, Redfoo said, "It's kinda normal -- the DJ's playing, you're dancin', and all of a sudden, some rich dude -- you know, he pays a lot of money -- and he says, 'I want the champagne.' And champagne comes out, and sparklers come out -- it looks like the Fourth of July, and the club is at a whole other level," he said mythically. "And then he doesn't even drink the champagne. He just sprays it on everybody."

At the end of the interview, Redfoo got extra excited. “I’m in love I don’t care who knows it," he grinned. "With a special one. I got a special one. A No. 1, if you will ... It's a special lady, and my whole world is different. She's a special one. She's the love of my life."

Redfoo wouldn't say who the lady was, but Bleacher Report noted that Redfoo has previously sung Azarenka's praises. In an interview with Australia's Channel 7 at the Australian open, he said, “I’m a big Vika fan as well. I’m supporting Team Vika. You know, I came here just to see her play. It’s very exciting.”

When pressed about whether they're an item, he got bashful. “I don’t like to kiss and tell,” he said. “But we’re really close and she’s a very special person and I’m very happy in my life right now.”

That means yes. They're so cute, we can see why he'd brag!

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