This year's modesty award goes to LMFAO's Redfoo for his single, 'I'll Award You With My Body'!

The upbeat dance track sounds very much like LMFAO's body of work and clearly sticks with the 'Sexy and I Know It,' motif of having through-the-roof confidence. Might we even say it's cockiness?

'I'll Award You With My Body' contains some sexually-suggestive lyrics just as LMFAO's past work has. "Girl I’m looking for a winner / Whose hungry for the dinner / And maybe just show me / Do you want the big trophy?" If that isn't a new and innovative pickup line than we don't know what is.

With LMFAO on hiatus, Redfoo has taken to releasing solo projects just as his nephew and fellow Party Rocker Sky Blu, who is out promoting his latest endeavour 'Pop Bottles.' With songs like these, no one can say these guys aren't professional partiers!

We are certainly looking forward to next year's Second Annual Redfoo Awards. Who will he award his body with? The suspense is killing us!

Listen to Redfoo, 'I'll Award You With My Body'