Tell us if you've heard this one before: LMFAO member does side project, raps about booze in bottles. You have, about RedFoo -- but now SkyBlu is at it, too. The nephew-half of the duo dropped a single, 'Pop Bottles,' about a week after his afro-and-party-rocking uncle.

Sky's track sounds a lot like an LMFAO track. He raps, "Pop bottles, make it rain/ Every night it's all the same / Hit the club, hit the after party, then we hit the plane." Sounds familiar, right? But it still sounds catchy. Sky employs singer Mark Rosas for the hook.

The track is produced by SkyBlu's Big Bad University. He explained that while it may not necessarily be accredited, like any other college, it pretty much sets people up for success in their chosen field. In this case, it's the field of party rocking.

"I created my own university. Basically I grew up people always telling me what I can and can't do," he told MTV News. "And I always kind of classified myself as a dreamer ... I created a university for dreamers. We have a lot of musical artists in there, and DJs, and everybody in there is about to release a big song. I kind of want to show the world what's up with Sky."

What's up with Sky? Well, shots, models, bottles and more of the same. He sticks with what works! We're still waiting on that Latin album, though.

Watch the LMFAO 'Party Rock Anthem' Video

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