Now that he's had a few months to take a break from all that party rocking, LMFAO's Redfoo appears to be ready to start the next chapter of his career -- and if the rumors are correct, he'll be doing it on Australian television.

The Herald Sun reports that Redfoo (a.k.a. Stefan Gordy, son of Motown founder Berry Gordy, Jr.) "has all but signed on the dotted line" to be a judge on the next season of Australia's 'X Factor,' where he'll reportedly be joining fellow pop stars Natalie Bassingthwaighte, Ronan Keating, and Danii Minogue.

Given that Gordy grew up in the Los Angeles suburbs, it may seem a little random for him to book a gig on an Australian television show, but it's actually perfectly in keeping with his checkered career, which also includes a stint as a day trader. The connection between Gordy and 'X Factor' execs was apparently forged when he was in the country for the Australian Open, making a "shamelessly plugged" appearance in the stands to cheer on his girlfriend, tennis player Victoria Azarenka.

The 'X Factor' gig may signal a burst of renewed activity for Redfoo, who stayed relatively quiet for the first few months of LMFAO's hiatus, announced last September. At the very least, it should provide an opportunity for him to promote his new solo single, 'I'll Award You With My Body.'

Listen to Redfoo, ‘I’ll Award You With My Body’

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