Maybe when Redfoo hits the dancefloor on Season 20 of Dancing With the Stars he'll bust out a little "Juicy Wiggle."

The LMFAO singer -- who is basically the master of electronic party jams like "Party Rock Anthem" -- is back with the killer "Juicy Wiggle," a song so addictive it may actually put Jason Derulo's "Wiggle" to shame.

We love the '50s inspiration of the lyric video, which boasts a giant animated record illuminated by a teal and black checkerboard background. In fact, the track itself is comprised of a bit of old school '50s riffs (note the super jazzy piano on the bridge!) combined with super sleek electronic beats. It's an unusual combination that not only makes the track unique, but somehow blends so seamlessly together you'll basically want all of your music to rock both vibes.

Plus, the vid isn't just a lyric video — it is also a dance tutorial, which features a cartoon version of Redfoo (and his trademark afro) doin' the Juicy Wiggle all over the place. Because after watching this video, you obviously need to know how to shake it.

"Ain't nothing wrong with making it jiggle," Redfoo raps. "So when the beat drops everybody do the Juicy Wiggle!"

Check out Redfoo's "Juicy Wiggle" lyric video above, and be warned: The tune will be stuck in your head (it seriously wants to make you party) and you will undoubtedly spend the rest of the day learning the dance yourself.

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