Covers shmovers! Former 'American Idol' Katharine McPhee has been rocking cover after cover as the star of the popular ratings hit 'Smash.' Now, McPhee gets to sing an original song on the series' soundtrack in the form of 'Touch Me.'

What's our verdict? It's a slice of synth pop that finds plenty of effects lacing McPhee's vocals. This is dancefloor-ready and stars what we like to refer to as RoboMcPhee, since there is so much studio treatment on her voice as she delivers parts of the sexified lyrics in robot fashion. It's just enough and not too much.

Kat's always been a sex kitten with an air of innocence, and she works that vibe to the hilt on this track.

Think of Katy Perry going mano y mano with Lana Del Rey and Jennifer Lopez. That's what we're hearing on 'Touch Me.' The song evolves into an EDM epic that should have fans putting their drinks down so they can shake their things while unencumbered on the dance floor.

Listen to Katharine McPhee 'Touch Me'