Not so long ago, it was Kelis' milkshakes that used to bring all the boys to the yard. Now it's her collab with, dubbed 'Anything Like You,' that'll magnetically attract club hoppers.

While the singer built her rep on that anthem to womanhood, she's certainly evolved and has gone in a more dance-oriented route as of late. She stays that course on her latest song, which is a heavily synthesized, electro-pop tune with a hint of disco melody, which lives alongside crunchy, chunky, computerized nuances.

"I'll get you anything you want" is the lyrical hook that is repeated in a monotone, even-keel voice that hides any emotion of Kelis' part. But we actually like her when she shows off this stiff, robotic side. It proves her ability to be dynamic. will's contributions are heavily processed, as he is begging her to "tell me what you like." She answers, "Hot damn / This boy got me spending / My Benjamin Franklin." It's all quite mechanized, so what should be sexed up vocal interplay and lyrical content is a bit muted by the way the message is delivered.

It's a decent dance song featuring two crucial pop music players. We just wish there was a little more heat.

Listen to Kelis, 'Anything You Like' Feat.