PopCrush's definitive list of Kelly Clarkson's best on-the-road covers? Yeah, we're gonna need a second to make an amendment.

Last night (July 23), at the latest Piece by Piece tour stop in Connecticut, Kelly took a crowd of millennials back to 1961, when tie-dye was in, surf culture was all the rage and radio waves were dominated by one Elvis Presley.

In the clip above, the "Invincible" singer tackles The King's "Can't Help Falling in Love With You" in beautifully restrained fashion. While belting's still typically Kelly's ace in the hole, we appreciate any chance we can get to hear her scale things down a bit, and in this instance, the magic is in her control.

Between a pair of acoustic guitars, and in a dress so sparkly it could blind a Space Station technician, Kelly croons through the tune, which spells out a love that's so pronounced, it can't be defied. "Wise men say only fools rush in / but I can't help falling in love with you," it begins.

Already along the tour, which kicked off last week, Kelly's covered NSYNC's "Bye Bye Bye," Nick Jonas' "Jealous" and Rihanna's "Stay."

"Honestly, we’ve been doing fan requests for years and everyone’s like 'I love how you cover Sam Smith on tour,' and I’m like, 'Well, I only did it the one time,'" she told PopCrush Nights in March. "I only did Taylor one time, I’ve only done Adele one time. I do a different artist every show. It’s funny the ones that get picked up."

Listen to Kelly's latest cover, and tell us where you think it ranks among her long list of remakes!

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