This week, chart topper Kelly Clarkson hopped on the phone with PopCrush Nights host Lisa Paige to talk about her new album Piece by Piece, touring with her baby daughter River Rose, working with Jimmy Fallon, her fans and so much more! In case you missed it on-air, read on for more tidbits from that conversation. PopCrush Nights airs every weeknight from 7PM–midnight.

What do you want listeners to take away from your new album Piece by Piece?
I've always been a fan of empowering songs, I love that that's been my theme for my whole career. I hope people take empowerment away from it. I'm an example of a from-rags-to-riches [story]. You can really make anything happen if you believe in yourself enough. You can do whatever you want to do.

How did the amazing "History of Duets" with Jimmy Fallon happen?
Honestly, we did it pretty quickly. I mean, we did it a couple times in The Roots dressing room and then we did it a couple times on the stage and then once before the show we did it right in the hallway. It's so funny, by the time you do it you've done it five times so you're like, 'Is this funny? I think it's funny, but I've done it five times so I don't know if it's funny anymore.' [Laughs] But I had so much fun doing it, I didn't really care. Apparently people thought it was funny.

It must've been so fun to work with Jimmy!
I love him. He and Ellen are my favorite people in the entertainment industry. They're just fun! They make everything fun and everybody realizes no one is curing cancer, it's supposed to be a good time. We're in the entertainment industry, we're supposed to be having fun, it's supposed to be a good time.

You do a lot of fan-requested covers when you tour — like your cover of Adele's "Someone Like You." How do you decide which songs to cover?
I got Adele a ton, like [the fans] would not get off of me. And I love her songs, I was just trying to give it some room. You know, "Someone Like You" had just come out! I didn't want to do it when it just came out! And the only reason I ended up doing Taylor [Swift's "Shake It Off"] right when it came out was because we did a completely different version of her song.

Honestly, we've been doing fan requests for years and everyone's like "I love how you cover Sam Smith on tour," and I'm like, "Well, I only did it the one time." I only did Taylor one time, I've only done Adele one time. I do a different artist every show. It's funny the ones that get picked up.