PopCrush Nights

Zero chill, resting smile face and belly laughter— that’s Lauryn Snapp.

Music moves her, motivates her and refuels her. She can’t stop talking about it and thankfully found a way to turn her passion into her career.

Listeners know her as the “queen of a good time.” She likes to pack a punch with fast music facts, oversharing her life and telling mediocre dad jokes. She loves to laugh and is obsessed with meeting new people, making real friendships, and building lasting connections.

When not chasing down the latest in trending pop culture news, listening to new music, or keeping her finger on the pulse of the latest social media crazes, she is sing-speaking to her dogs, chasing waterfalls, or attempting a makeup or fashion tutorial.

“As a kid, I was obsessed with the magical connection of radio. As an adult, nothing has changed.”

Tune in: WKFR (Kalamazoo) | WFHN (New Bedford) | WJBQ (Portland) | WMME (Augusta) | KRUF (Shreveport) | KKHQ (Waterloo) | KLYV (Dubuque) | KBEA (Quad Cities) | WDKS (Evansville) | KTYL (Tyler) | KFFM (Yakima) | KXSS (Amarillo) | WZOK (Rockford) | KKCT (Bismark) | KZII (Lubbock) | KNIN (Wichita Falls) | KVRW (Lawton) | KROC (Rochester) | WBZN (Bangor) | WWYL (Binghamton) | KENR (Missoula) | KKBR (Billings) | KTRS (Casper) | KQVT (Victoria) | KELI (San Angelo) | WJIM (Lansing)

Donny Meacham is a Southern boy living in a Hollywood world!

He has a long career in radio, TV, podcasting and more.

His music obsession runs across all genres from pop, country, alt and rap.

Donny’s passion is telling people’s stories with humor, heart and a little sass. He also is a “dating expert,” where he uses a little tough love to help you love yourself and others.

In his downtime he is binging TV shows and obsessively reapplying chapstick.

“PopCrush is leading the way for the future of radio and I am honored and excited to be a part of it.”

Tune in: WCZX (Poughkeepsie) | WJLK (Monmouth) | WSJO (Atlantic City) | KMXK (St. Cloud) | KKPL (Fort Collins) | WLHT (Grand Rapids) | KSII (El Paso) | KCIX (Boise) | KVLL (Lufkin) | KMXC (Sioux Falls) | KEYW (Tri-Cities) | KBMX (Duluth) | WKXZ (Oneonta) | KRRY (Quincy/ Hannibal) | KZMY (Bozeman) | KMXY (Grand Junction) | WQHR (Presque Isle)

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