Kelly Clarkson is finally coming out with new music, and there's no way to truly communicate with the rest of the world just how excited we are to hear it. That's why, when Kelly released her first trailer for 'Heartbeat Song' the other day, we were crying with excitement. And then we actually watched the trailer and were mildly disappointed the song itself wasn't anywhere in the video -- but that's okay, because we finally have a snippet of new material today.

And who better to help Kelly tease her new material than her adorable daughter, River? Kelly took to Twitter today (Jan. 9) to post the latest trailer, and we are totally obsessed with it. The trailer opens up with footage of River listening to something through a huge pair of headphones. Kelly asks her, "Hey River! What are you listening to? It's making you dance!" and then she takes off the headphones and we're all treated with a short clip of 'Heartbeat Song.'

Not only is River the cutest baby in the universe, but the song sounds totally sick. It's pure pop, and while there's not much to go off, we're pretty sure it's safe to say that the four-year wait for new music from Kelly will be totally worth the wait.

Check out the trailer above and listen to the clip! Also check out Kelly's super cute daughter, dancing away to the audio. Totally adorable.

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