Finally! Kelly Clarkson has been teasing us about the release of new music for what feels like forever, with nothing definite set in stone. But today is a new day, and with it comes the reveal of a release date for her upcoming single, which we're assuming will be called 'Heartbeat Song,' for obvious reasons if you read the tweet she posted, which we're also posting below.

So, the information we've gathered is this: Kelly's new single 'Heartbeat Song' is supposed to drop on Jan. 12. That gives us roughly five days to freak out and wonder -- which is five days too many. But patience truly is a virtue, and considering we haven't gotten a non-holiday album from the 'American Idol' champion since 2011's 'Stronger,' we're clearly well-versed in the art of waiting.

If you head over to Kelly's website, you can unlock more teasers that we're hoping contain some kind of audio snippet from the song. So far all we've got is the sound of a heart rate monitor -- not much in terms of filling us in on ...well, anything, really. Is it a ballad? An uptempo dance track? A rock-infused burst of energy with operatic vocals? We literally have no idea. Thankfully, we won't have to wait too long to find out.

Check out the teaser video above, and let us know how stoked you are for new music from Kelly!

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