More than a month after quitting E!'s Fashion Police, Kelly Osbourne is back on the red carpet as a co-host of the 2015 MTV Movie Awards pre-show.

"It's really scary and it's really exciting," she told PEOPLE. "I get to be more creative and pick the questions and talk about fun things and not necessarily just be so focused on look."

Kelly will be joined by Jessie J and Josh Horowitz before the start of the April 12 show.

The TV star also spoke with PEOPLE about her decision to leave Fashion Police and the controversial remarks her co-host Giuliana Rancic made about Zendaya's hair at the 2015 Oscars. Us Weekly reports that Kelly was opposed to Giuliana saying the comments during the taping, but that the lines were delivered anyway.

"There's been so much drama surrounded by what went on at Fashion Police that I have chosen to keep quiet about," Kelly said. "I will [continue to keep quiet] because I don't think it will do anyone service, but I will say this: Giuliana is not often wrong. She really isn't, but it's been really, really heartbreaking to see her behavior that has transpired when she did get caught being wrong. That's what broke my heart."

In a Vine capturing part of a Fashion Police episode, Giuliana can be seen saying that Zendaya's hair makes her look like "she smells of patchouli oil” and “weed.” The co-host later apologized for the remarks, saying, "... This incident has taught me to be a lot more aware of clichés and stereotypes, how much damage they can do, and that I am responsible, as we all are, to not perpetuate them further."

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