Leonardo DiCaprio officially put an end to his longstanding reputation as the Internet's saddest meme when he (finally!) won a Best Actor Oscar for his role in The Revenant during the 2016 Academy Awards. And what better way to highlight his long overdue win than to immortalize it with a profanity-laced song performed at the 2016 MTV Movie Awards?

That's exactly what happened when hosts Kevin Hart and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson took the stage tonight (April 10) to pay homage to the past 25 years of the MTV Movie Awards.

Leo got f----d by a bear, oh yeah / You will always remember where you were / When Leo got f----d by a bear,” the pair rapped, referencing the misinterpreted scene in The Revenant where DiCaprio's character Hugh Glass is attacked by a wild bear. In an unsurprising turn, back-up dancers dressed in bear costumes cavorted about the stage behind them. Fellow celebrities Rebel Wilson, Anthony Mackie and Adam DeVine participated in the skit, recalling exactly where they were when they heard that "Leo got f---ked by a bear."

Watch Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson rap and reminisce in the video above and let us know whether you think Leo will be as good a sport about this as he was when Jennifer Lopez and James Corden pranked him on The Late Late Show.

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