Kevin McHale -- you know him as Artie Abrams on 'Glee' -- recently opened up about his wheelchair-bound character's storylines on Season 3 of 'Glee.' He shared a wealth of info with Billboard, revealing that there will be no Artie solos in the near future, but that he does turn into a dictatorial director.

"It's really about them singing 'West Side Story' stuff and the musical opening, and for me it's about overcoming my doubts and my abilities as a director. But I don't break into song any time soon," McHale said.

He doesn't break into song, but he does break balls, so to speak. McHale said that this season allows his character to turn "into kind of a monster director." He said, "It's really funny, it's not something I ever do. A lot of what I've done with Artie story lines is serious, about him walking and whatnot, and this was really fun to kind of play a diva-ish director. It becomes a little bit more of the Artie show. He takes the bull by the horns, if you will, and puts it all on his own shoulders."

Artie as a directorial diva? We cannot wait to see it. It's going to be fun to watch him show off a different side to his personality.

McHale also revealed that for him, 'Glee' is more about the song than the stars or the guest stars or the collaborators! While he said "I would never say no to working with Gaga or Katy Perry, that would be incredible," he is more focused on how the song sounds.

"If I'm working on a song or hearing a song and I think somebody else is perfect for it to do it with me, it's more what the song calls for as opposed to forcing the collaboration with someone," McHale said. "If I hear something, I kind of instantly hear if someone should be on it. I've definitely worked with a few people I never thought I'd work with because I never thought I'd work with, but we've come up with the coolest stuff I've ever done."