Could it be? A Very Kylie Christmas? Why, it's better the Santa you know.

If a 'source' in The Sun is to believed — which is a somewhat bold statement to make — the endlessly glamorous Kiss Me Once disco diva is planning to release her first-ever Christmas album as part of an one-album deal with Warner/Parlophone come this holiday season...and she's already "halfway through" recording the festive LP.

From The Sun: "It’s believed all the tracks will be disco-influenced. It’s likely the album will include a mixture of festive classics and even some original material. She wants to take her time on a new release but can’t be away from the charts for long, so a Christmas album is the obvious choice.”

Granted, this wouldn't be the first time Kylie spread the glittery Christmas cheer: She released her 2-track A Kylie Christmas EP, featuring her sweet renditions of "Santa Baby" and "Let It Snow," back in 2010. And she even performed at Christmas at Rockefeller Center that year — flashback Monday! But a stomping, disco-infused Christmas LP? Now, that's what I'm talking about.

Think about the possibilities: "On A Holy Night Like This"! "Santercize"! (That one might need some more work.) And of course, the soon-to-be holiday smash, "Get Outta My Sleigh"!

In the meantime, along with performing festival gigs throughout the summer, Kylie's also been busy working on a new EP of "very sexy and very uncommercial" songs with Fernando Garibay and Giorgio Moroder, who she worked with to release one of our favorite songs of 2015 (so far), "Right Here, Right Now."

Here's hoping the whispers are indeed true, and that Kylie makes the yuletide very, very gay this Christmas.