There was a major story circulating that two titans of popular music are planning to collaborate and their names are Eminem and Lady Gaga. OMFG, right? Em and Gaga, together, on a song? That's enough to make the world stop spinning on its axis. Eminem reportedly told MTV Rapfix on Saturday morning (Aug. 4) that he and Gaga would be working on a jam with up and comer Kendrick Lamar. Or did he?

The story, which grew out of a few blogs and was then reported as fact by several major online outlets, is fake, since we could not locate the original Rapfix source. Some of the news items about this story have since been amended or taken down.

"Yeah, I got this crazy record with Gaga and Kendrick for the upcoming LP," Em reportedly said, according to the Martian Leaks Blog. "It's called 'Street Lights' and it's just a real upbeat record."

That seemed believable, since Gaga has been tweeting to and about Lamar quite a bit and she even took in his set at the Pitchfork Festival in Chicago a few weeks ago. So there seemed to be some validity there.

According to this story, Em said that the Gaga (and Lamar) collabo would be a single, another believable statement since Em and Gaga are the biggest things to happen to pop music in decades. Em said, "Definitely. We don't have a release date yet, but it'll be after Slaughterhouse's album."

Several news outlets pounced on the story, speculating on which album the song would appear (his or hers) and pointing out that Em did diss Gaga on 'A Kiss,' a song from his Bad Meets Evil disc 'Hell: The Sequel.' On that tune, he made reference to Gaga really being a man, telling her not to quit her gig at the post office since she's still a "male lady." Get it? Still, after the track dropped, Em did say it was just a joke and that he had mad respect for Gaga.

The fact that all three artists are signed to Interscope also made this collab seem realistic.

But there's no record of Eminem telling Rapfix any of this. There is no mention of this collabo under his artist tag on the site. The editors did not promote this major scoop, something it would behoove them tremendously to do. Breaking such a massive story would be a major editorial (and traffic) score for Rapfix. But alas, a post with the above-referenced quotes is nowhere to be found.

Oh, and then there is fact that Em's manager issued a tweet pretty much shooting it down.

Em did speak to a Detroit radio station about his next record, which Rapfix reported on. But he said nada about a duet with Gaga. Additionally, there are several comments on the Martian Leaks blog indicating that this news is fake.

One would think an Eminem and Lady Gaga duet would be mentioned in some officially capacity and with much fanfare.

All these factors combined prove this story appear to be false. We wish it wasn't though!

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