Lady Gaga invaded hipster heaven – the Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago -- over the weekend, checking out Kendrick Lamar’s set on July 15.

Gaga just left L.A. after a whirlwind (and fashionable) trip that saw her smoking pot and flipping the bird to photogs. Her trip to the Windy City was quieter – even though she remained similarly dressed in sexy, head-turning clothing. Here, she was cloaked in all-black and with long, platinum locks spilling over her shoulders.

While taking in Lamar's performance, Gaga looked amazing in her corseted dress, bootie platforms and black glasses, which seems to be a variation of a uniform for her.

It’s just surprising that Gaga would hit this particular festival, since it’s such a cool, in-the-know event that caters to on-the-verge and up and coming acts. It's definitely not an attraction for mainstream pop acts to perform, but there's no rule prohibiting them for hanging out and enjoying the music just like the rest of us. We think it was infinitely impressive of her to show love for a tastemaker festival, by just showing up and generating some press for it.

Gaga has been tweeting her love for Lamar, yet some of her recent tweets, such as those about Lamar and her new and instant BFF Lindsay Lohan, have been deleted after posting. She does have 26 million people following her, so she has to exercise discretion at times, right? That’s more than the population of some countries.

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