Lady Gaga and Li Lo? Really? Perhaps!

Lady Gaga may have found a new friend in troubled actress -- does she even act anymore, other than in Lifetime movies, playing Liz Taylor? -- Lindsay Lohan.

While little monsters have been congregating outside worshipping a bush that Gaga reportedly "spoke" to them through, Gaga and Lohan had an encounter at the celeb-swarmed Hollywood hangout Chateau Marmont. Gaga and LiLo swapped tweets yesterday (July 11) but Gaga eventually deleted them from her feed. The reason for the deletion is unclear, but they are gone, baby, gone.

Ah, not so fast. Gaga didn't delete them soon enough. Our sleuthy pals at Oh No They Didn't! managed to get visual evidence of the exchange, which you can view below. Gaga joked about Lohan ordering a cucumber and knife at the bar, suggesting she was going to perform a vasectomy. That's sounds a little cray cray to us!

Lohan replied with the "skinnysnack1" hashtag.

We're not sure if La Lohan was going to munch on some cukes while at the bar or what, but it did remind us of the time Gaga' tweeted the controversial "PopStarsDontEat" hashtag. She came under fire for the message, since people felt it sent teens the wrong message about eating and their body images. This exchange could fall under the same sort of scrutiny.

Hanging out with Lohan, whose career has nosedived in recent years, relegating her to little more than fodder for gossip column inches, might be hazardous to Gaga's booming career. Maybe this was a one-off hang sesh. Maybe it'll turn into BFFhood or nothing at all.