Selena won! Vote for her in the championship round here.

The semifinals for the first-ever PopCrush Homecoming Court are here. In this round, Lady Gaga is going head-to-beautiful-haired-head with Selena Gomez. Which multi-talented singer will assert dominance and advance another step to be crowned Queen? Well, that's not up to us. It's up to you!

In the first round, Gaga triumphed over Katy Perry. Those two will continue to battle it out on the pop charts, but here, it's Gaga's turn to usurp the throne, which Perry has been touting as she promotes her new Killer Queen fragrance. With 'ARTPOP' on the horizon, it would be good for Gaga to be Queen. Homecoming Queen, that is.

Gomez edged out up 'n' comer Ariana Grande in the first round. With her career red-hot and the Stars Dancing in her professional life, Justin Bieber's ex has had a busy year in the wake of their breakup. Her movie career is booming, and she's on the road. What better way to celebrate the good fortune of a good year than by becoming Queen?

It's in your hands, PopCrushers. Will Gaga or Gomez advance to the finals? Voting for this round closes on Wednesday, Nov. 6 at 3PM ET. You can vote once per hour until the polls close.


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