Still think Lana Del Rey is all hype with no hope? Then check out her performance of 'Video Games' on BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge, where she pretty much redeems her much-maligned 'Saturday Night Live' performance. If you thought she sucked on 'SNL,' then at least allow the woman born Lizzy Grant in upstate New York another chance to win you over with this particular performance.

Del Rey sways softly, like she did on 'SNL.' She makes absolutely no eye contact, just like on 'SNL.' Her distance while performing ups the mystique, the ante and the general curiosity surrounding Del Rey. At least for us, it does.

With long, nude-hued, dagger-shaped nails and her auburn hair falling in soft, waves, she looks like a throwback goddess in her skintight, cropped, cream-colored sweater. Her voice sounds sweet, competent and beguiling.

Even though she was performing in a studio with headphones on, Del Rey still didn't move much, but she has said she isn't a circus act and isn't looking to go crazy on stage. She is just there to perform the music live, in the flesh, in front of people who want to hear it. For LDR, it doesn't require lots of interaction or movement. So either you hate that element of her style or you don't.

Say what you will about LDR and her authenticity, but she's dreamy. So what if she doesn't move, which many consider to make her performances imperfect experiences. Aren't flaws what make people appealing?

Watch Lana Del Rey Perform 'Video Games' on BBC