Lana Del Rey nabbed the cover of British Vogue for March. It was a huge "get" for the much-maligned singer, since it's the fashion bible. While LDR continues to deal with criticism about her singing abilities and lack of live firepower, there's no denying how pretty she looks in the Mario Testino-shot internal images from her Vogue cover. She's a flower, blooming in red and pink tones.

Del Rey looks like a coquette with the red flowers in her auburn hair and those dagger nails in the image where she shoots a come hither stare. She also gets all sorts of Bettie Page –- albeit with more clothes and no S&M gear -- when she poses while kneeling on the red velvet chair. The red satin ribbon heels and silvery booty shorts add to the overall steam factor, too.

LDR looks frothy yet sad in her pink concoction with all the red and lacy accessories.

Our favorite is the up close shot. Her eyes are closed – and we all know LDR doesn't like to make eye contact, especially when a camera is around. She constantly averts her gaze (and tosses her hair) so this shot is accidentally emblematic, not to mention striking.

But we also love the mega lashes and ballerina pink lips paired with those skin puncturing nails.