Go grab your swimsuit and that bad baby by your heavenly side, 'cause it looks we're going on that Honeymoon even sooner than we thought.

Moments ago, the Queen Of Coney Island herself Lana Del Rey casually Instagrammed a photo of the lyrics to a song called "Honeymoon," evidently the title track from her forthcoming third studio album — and a link to a brand new Instagram account also called — you guessed it! — "honeymoon."

And there, already awaiting our thirsty eyes and ears, is the first teaser of the song and video all at once.

"Our honeymoon, our honeymoon..." the stunning siren dreamily moans across her signature cinematic strings. It's about ten seconds of audio and, objectively speaking, already another perfect addition to the Del Rey discography.

The video is typical LDR DIY, complete with footage of the pouty-mouthed princess dramatically cooing the already promising tune in an exotic locale. Grainy film footage? Check. Flowers in her hair? Check. Also, a casual tiger strolling out of the shrubbery. You..may want to move away from the bushes, Lana. Or is she a modern Jane singing for her Tarzan?

Only a few weeks ago, Lana promised that her album would arrive in September during a stop on her Endless Summer Tour, and she's been shooting video(s) ever since, including the previously confirmed tune, "Music To Watch Boys To." Is the album rollout already starting now?

Unclear, but anticipate a surge in summertime weddings (and also sadness) as the entire world eagerly honeymoons all at once to get on Lana's level.

Who wants to get hitched?

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