Lana Del Rey reportedly told fans to expect her next album, Honeymoon, in September, and now it looks like we may see a new video even sooner.

Let's walk through the detective work: Photos surfaced on a Lana fan site at the end of April, which show the "Ultraviolence" singer posing with several (very handsome) men. According to the post's description, the shots were taken on a video set at the Korean Friendship Bell in San Pedro, California. Yesterday (June 4), male model Jake Mast shared two of these same photos — of him with a smiling LDR — with the caption, "Lana del Rey music video titled "Music To Watch Boys To" coming out verry soon this month!! Check us out!"

The (circumstantial) evidence speaks for itself — and we're left to assume that Mast plays one of the titular boys Lana's going to be watching in the clip.

"Music to Watch Boys To" is an as-yet unreleased song that's made its way onto YouTube, as unreleased songs Lana Del Rey songs often do. It's more uptempo than most of the offerings on Ultraviolence, with the feel of a vintage track like Lesley Gore's "It's My Party." The title is likely a reference to a 1960s hit popularized by Andy Williams called "Music to Watch Girls By," which also has a breezy beach-music feel — though the sonic similarities end there.

Lana has yet to officially confirm the "Music to Watch Boys To" video, but stay tuned for updates — and listen to the leaked incarnation of the song above.