Last week, two tracks from Lana Del Rey's debut album, 'Born to Die,' hit the web, but now the singer is confirming that the leaked tunes were demos that sound nothing like the album cuts.

The songs spread like wildfire just three weeks in advance of Del Rey's Jan. 31 album release date, but the newcomer took to Twitter to set the record straight. "The versions of 'National Anthem' and 'This Is What Makes Us Girls' that have been leaked are demos + sound nothing like they do on the album," she wrote.

The demos shine a light on the 25-year-old's pop sensibilities, deviating from what fans have already heard from her in 'Video Games' and 'Blue Jeans,' which were officially released by the budding star. On ‘National Anthem,’ the New York native offers a sing-rap style that evokes Britney Spears and Kesha, while ‘This Is What Makes Us Girls’ is sung in the same style, but with a child-like twang reminiscent of Nicki Minaj.

Del Rey is quickly becoming the new "it girl" in music, backed by a team that has clearly been careful about her career moves. The singer is scheduled to make her 'Saturday Night Live' musical guest debut on Jan. 14 alongside host Daniel Radcliffe.