As we inch towards the Jan. 31 release date for Lana Del Rey's debut 'Born to Die,' new tracks from the album have hit the web.

Del Rey is the "It" girl of 2012 and the buzz on 'Born to Die' is deafening. Everyone's talking about her self-styled gangsta Nancy Sinatra vibe, crowning her the diva-let of the year, and she's only released a handful of songs! Well, two new cuts from the album, 'National Anthem' and 'This Is What Makes Us Girls,' have hit the web -- satisfying our lust for Lana!

On the beat-driven 'National Anthem,' Del Rey is breathy like Brit, and delivers her sexually charged lyrics in a slow and sexy drawl, in that sing-rap style that Kesha is so fond of. Del Rey sings about wanting to be your national anthem; there's some distortion thrown over her vocals, but it's never sterile or sanitized.

'This Is What Makes Us Girls' has more of that talk/sing/rap style that the redhead seems to favor, and she also offers up a bit of a babyfied voice, too. She's a Lolita nanoseconds from blooming, recalling her sweet 16 and life as a small town girl. Her voice and vocal style remind us a bit of Dev. She's got sass, spunk and spice dusted with massive doses of sex appeal.

That said, 'Anthem' and 'Girls' leave us wanting more -- a lot more -- of Del Rey.

Listen to 'National Anthem'

Listen to 'This Is What Makes Us Girls'