Every time Lana Del Rey steps into the spotlight, we're transfixed. Whether it's her Old Hollywood-style glamour or her melancholy demeanor, there's just something about the "High By the Beach" singer that has us forever hooked.

Born Elizabeth Woolridge Grant, Lana entrances with her "sadcore" melodies and raw lyricism. Although she's gotten flack for looking nonchalant onstage, it's that very same persona that has garnered her the legions of diehard fans who hang onto every note she sings. Lana brings drama and mystery to the stage. And despite what the critics have to say, she's continuously shown her gratitude to fans by walking offstage to serenade, hug and take selfies with dozens of them.

To celebrate the upcoming release of her fourth studio album Honeymoon on September 18, we looked through Lana's most (young and) beautiful stage moments and highlighted them in the gallery above. Check it out!

The Most Crazy Pop Star Stage Looks

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