Stevie "Not-a-witch-but-I-play-one-on-TV" Nicks is the latest musician to join vocals with possible/actual witch Lana Del Rey on upcoming album Lust for Life. According to Pitchfork, there's not much known about the collaboration aside from this juicy tidbit, but the other released Lust for Life imagery and team ups have us extremely excited in anticipation.

Stevie Nicks And The Pretenders Perform At The Forum
Kevin Winter, Getty Images

So far, Del Rey has also worked with the Weeknd on "Lust for Life" and Sean Ono Lennon on "Tomorrow Never Came." In the videos for "Lust for Life" and single "Love," Del Rey aims for black-and-white, scratchy vintage film styling. There are haunting, glowing figures and celestial bodies in each one, and we can't wait to see these themes applied to a team-up vid with Nicks.

Maybe -- even as you read this -- Nicks is teaching Del Rey the same onstage signature twirl she taught American Horror Story: Coven's witch Misty Day. One can only hope...

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