A few weeks ago, 'American Idol' finalists Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina denied they were dating.

Sure, the teens have a lot in common: They are both Southern, talented, can sing country music, have great duet chemistry and both made it to the finals of only the biggest show on TV, and both subsequently dealt with the pressure that comes with it. But, after McCreery's triumph over Alaina last night, she planted a big ol' smooch on him! She then got very coy when asked about the nature of their relationship during the post-finale media frenzy.

"They asked if we were dating and I told them to ask you!" Lauren, 16, said to Scotty, 17, as they both addressed the press corps after the show. Alaina told Hollywood Life, "I mean, I'll never tell. Secret's safe with me!" So what you're saying, Lauren, is that you don't kiss and tell?

McCreery also addressed the matter, saying, "Everybody keeps asking me about the smooch. She told me she was gonna do that before the show. She's a sweetheart." He also said, "She's a character, isn't she? We're really close friends … I don't know about the dating part. She's just being funny."

Well, PopCrush did notice that one of the first things McCreery said after being announced as the Season 10 'American Idol' was say that he and Alaina embarked on this journey together and that they would stay together. While we are well-aware that they will be hitting the road on this summer's 'American Idol' tour, somehow, we don't think that's what McCreery meant.

Alaina also said "I love Scotty. I can't imagine being unhappy" about his win and ultimately losing because of him. She also acknowledged the kiss and said, "He is my best friend. I love him to death."

She said love. Twice.

There's clearly some sort of connection between these two. Let's see how this one plays out.

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