Alright, Lauren — you really need to stop.

While Fifth Harmony continues the (very, very) slow rollout of the track list for their upcoming album 7/27 on Instagram this morning/afternoon/evening, Lauren over here has decided she's going to take this time to rudely f--k up our whole lives with a BO$$ ass, sizzling hot solo photo shoot for Kode Magazine, shot by Mat Abad and styled by AllanTroy.

For real: she looks amazing. Working from home has never sounded more appealing.

This isn't the first time she's decided to casually send her adoring stans — which I've deduced via Harmonizer Twitter are called Chickens, or maybe Little Jaureguars, or Jaurgernauts, or maybe something else — into a tizzy: she did a (drop dead) beautiful solo shoot at the beginning of the year, too.

Anywho, Lauren's gorg and we're all unworthy.

If you're not already dead, there's one more photo below — and make sure to check out the full spread over at Kode Magazine.

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