This has gotta sting. R&B diva Lauryn Hill, who is only now resurfacing on stage after a lengthy absence from performing despite her much lauded 'The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill' album, is pregnant with her sixth child -- but longtime love Rohan Marley has reportedly left her and is shacking up with Brazilian model Isabeli Fontana. Ouch.

But wait. It gets better ... Or worse, depending on your proximity to this situation, like Miss Hill. What makes this story even more drama-riddled is the fact that Marley may or may not be the father of Hill's unborn baby. PopEater reports that he denied siring the child on Twitter, telling a magazine reporter that it is not his baby and that he is not married to Hill. Those tweets, which were issued last month, have been removed from his Twitter feed, so it's a big ol' "he said, she said" mess.

Hill and Marley had been together since 1996 and have five children in their brood. Rumors had been swirling that the duo were on the outs but Fontana, a 28-year-old stunner, posted a tweet that pretty much confirms our suspicions. The amorous tweet read "I'm in love with @Romarley 's heart" and included a trippy, tie-dyed, upside down photo of the pair.

How's this for a touch of irony: Fontana is the mother of an 8-year-old son named Zion, which is also the moniker of one of Hill's and Marley's sons!

We're not sure of the circumstances surrounding the split or who facilitated it, but this has to hurt for Hill, especially in her delicate condition. One can only hope that this personal dilemma is distilled into music for the soulful singer, who has stayed away for far too long.

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