Did you know Big Sean turned down a scholarship to Michigan State to pursue music? Ever wonder why Flavor Flav wears that giant clock around his neck? Which MC gave Busta Rhymes his rap alias? And what was Kendrick Lamar doing with his life before he became one of hip hop's most respected artists?

You're about to learn the answers to these questions and more — 96 more, to be exact. Our friends over at The Boombox have compiled a master list of hip hop trivia, and we're willing to bet at least, oh, 30 of these tidbits have escaped even the most serious rap scholar's attention.

Some of the facts in this comprehensive collection date back decades (an L.A. Crips member had to protect 3rd Bass from...MC Hammer?!) while others enlighten with info about some of today's favorites, including Young Thug and Fetty Wap. A few point out some historic firsts in the genre, such as who the first female solo rapper to go platinum was.

Rap trivia-school is officially in session, and it's time to gauge your MC IQ. Sure, you might know what J. Cole's original stage name was. But if you can already name the Dipset member who played basketball in college before getting kicked out, call Alex Trebek because you should be on rap-Jeopardy! After checking out the wealth of facts above, be sure to tell us how many were totally new to you in the comments below.

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