Meeting Beyonce at the 2017 Grammy Awards was more than a lifelong dream realized for superfan Laverne Cox, it was an exercise in crying-restraint.

On last night's (February 13) Late Show With Stephen ColbertCox recalled the moment she finally came face-to-face with Bey after considering all day how she might handle the moment.

"I often imagined this day," she said. "You know, the funny thing is when I was getting ready yesterday I was like 'Oh, my God, if I meet Beyonce today I'm gonna start crying,' and I started crying thinking about it in my apartment. I was, like, alone in my apartment in tears."

Cox said working up the nerve to introduce herself to Beyonce at The Grammys took a minute, but once she finally committed, Bey was more than receptive.

"She sees me and her face lights up, and the moment she sees me she's like 'Help me up, help me up'" Cox said. "Beyonce got up! Beyonce got up for me!"

"I got back to my seat and cried, but I did not cry when I met her," she added. "The interesting thing is when you meet the queen, a calm comes over you."

Cox expanded on the huge moment on CBS This Morning and said she's been a fan for longer than she can articulate.

"She said 'I love you,' and I said 'I love you too,'" Cox said. "She said I was beautiful. I just thanked her for like a whole career of inspiration. She knew who I am, she had seen the Lip Sync Battle performance [of Destiny's Child's "Lose My Breath"]."

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