Lea Michele's debut solo album is dubbed 'Louder.' The single is 'Cannonball,' and it has a lot of expectations on its head.

There's no questioning that the 'Glee' star has a powerhouse voice. We hear it every week on the show, singing songs that are already popular and familiar. How does she sound singing one we don't already know? Well, you can find out with this preview!

From this 90-second sample, we get to hear Michele's larger-than-life vocals. It's an uplifting song about lighting the fuse with a backbeat situated behind Michele's layered vocals. It has a bit of an anthemic texture in the chorus, too. She does have a diva-sized voice. Think Celine Dion-style, grown up, power vocal pop.

We want to hear the rest of the song, that's for sure. Miss Lea Michele has such a room-filling voice that we can't wait to experience the whole song.

By the way, we love the wet head look on the 'Louder' cover!

The 'Louder' track listing is below, with pre-order details here.

Lea Michele 'Louder' Track Listing

1. 'Cannonball'
2. 'On My Way'
3. 'Burn With You'
4. 'Battlefield'
5. 'You're Mine'
6. 'Thousand Needles'
7. 'Louder'
8. 'Cue the Rain'
9. 'Don't Let Go'
10. 'Empty Handed'
11. 'If You Say So'

Listen to Lea Michele 'Cannonball' Preview

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