When Lea Michele was notified of her boyfriend and co-star Cory Monteith's death last weekend, she reportedly lost her mind. But then again, in such situations, who wouldn't react that way?

Us Weekly reports that Michele got the call that her boyfriend had died around 10PM L.A. time. The person who alerted her had embarked on a mad dash to get in touch with the actress before the news hit the media. Monteith's body was found in a hotel in Vancouver at around noon local time. He died of a drug and alcohol overdose.

"Lea completely lost her mind," a source said. "She went crazy, screaming and crying until 3 AM." Well, that's a normal reaction when the person you love dies unexpectedly and at the tender age of 31.

Michele, who has remained quiet save for a brief statement issued via her rep, thanking fans for their support, "has been inconsolable and feels like she's been hit by a truck," the insider said. "She didn't know he'd started using again."

Because of this shock to her system, the friend said, "She's not doing great. She's totally devastated."

Additionally, TMZ reports Michele has been the one planning a Monteith memorial, wresting control away from his mother, who arranged a cremation without inviting the late actor's father.

Michele was also said to be fiercely protective of her boyfriend, who was out of his league in a "zoo of piranhas" in Hollywood. She was also rumored to be the one who engineered his rehab stint, as well, attempting to control him somewhat while he was alive.