Lily Allen is firing back at reports made by the Daily Mail that claim the singer is giving in to sobriety in order to live a clean life. According to the paper, during the British Fashion Awards Lily told them: "I'm sober tonight. In fact, I haven't had a drink for a month. It's been hard not drinking, but I'm trying to grow up. Finally."

But it looks like Lily is not happy with what the Daily Mail is reporting, and took to Twitter to respond to the paper. Without directly addressing the specific article, she said, "Let's give up social media and the Mail Online. It's killing me. That is all." Lily went as far as to say she was considering selling her Twitter account. She went on to say society simply isn't ready to deal with social media and all of its shortcomings, tweeting the below statement:

She went on to respond to a reporter who made the claim that people weren't nicer in the past, we simply didn't know it until social media allowed it to come to the surface:

Lily has dealt with her own sobriety issues in the past, and has made strides toward getting clean, so we understand why a story that may make light of her situation would rub her the wrong way.