Lily Allen who?

Lily Allen, who stepped away from music a few years ago to have a child and to work on her own clothing boutique, has changed her professional stage name to Lily Rose Cooper.

This floral moniker is a reflection of her given and married names; she wed Sam Cooper and birthed daughter Ethel last November. She is reportedly pregnant with her second child with Cooper, after suffering two high-profile miscarriages prior to little Ethel's birth.

Allen – oops, we meant Cooper -- will release her third album under the name Lily Rose Cooper, as well.

She issued a statement via her publicist, commenting about her work on music, as opposed to her name change. She said, "It's great to work at my own pace, with no commitments other than to make music. I'm excited to be heading back into the studio."

We're sort of mixed about Cooper's decision to change her name. While it's not that much different (and hey, neither is Snoop Lion, but still!) than the name with which she established a reputation, we can't help but think that this name change could affect her brand. Changes such as this can be problematic for a fickle public.

What do you think of Lily Allen's decision to go by Lily Rose Cooper, PopCrushers?

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