It looks like Lindsay Lohan is already setting the stage for her reality show.

Over the weekend, the Rhodes, Greece location of her newly opened beach club — yes, she owns a beach club now, please try to keep up — posted an Instagram photo of two employees wearing matching silk uniforms, but with different shoes. One had on strappy nude heels, while the other wore chunky, bright white platforms. They definitely clashed, but only from the ankle down.

When LiLo herself caught wind of the picture, however, she wasn't happy. "Wear the same shoes please," she wrote, adding in another comment, "or you're fired."

Or. you're. fired. FIRED, she said!!

At first, people thought she was kidding, but Lohan soon came back online to set the record straight.

"Please tell me you're not joking this needs to be real," wrote one follower, to which Lohan replied, "Totally serious!"

Apparently, the Lohan Beach House dress code is no laughing matter — at least where LiLo is concerned.

Are you sensing a storyline? This sounds very on par with the Mediterranean Vanderpump Rules her recently confirmed MTV series is being billed as, and honestly, it would be entertaining as hell to watch the whole thing play out in real-time.

See Lohan's comments below.

Lohan Beach House, Instagram
Lohan Beach House, Instagram

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