Lindsay Lohan for... president!?

The Mean Girls star has taken to her Instagram page to announce potential plans to run for the presidency come 2020, posting two photos on Friday evening showing her, uh, political plans.

In the first post, the 29-year-old actress shared a throwback photo of her at the 2010 White House Correspondent's Dinner, sitting at a dinner table and having what clearly looks to be a very serious discussion about foreign policies regarding what the correct shade of red lipstick is for your skin-tone. For her second post, LiLo shared a candid black and white snap of her with her potential presidential competitor, Kanye "Peezy" West, possibly practicing for their forthcoming debates.

Lohan enthusiastically revealed in a caption, "In 2020 I may run for president. Through [the] ups and downs, #YESWECAN! Let's do this." She also called both herself and West "true spirits," and thanked President Barack Obama for "inspiring us to be better people" while touting that she'll have "34 years of experience" by 2020. (Wait, what? Do years of age actually count towards political experience?)

She also made clear that her presidential run would focus heavily on humanitarian work and eliminating the suffering of children worldwide, something that she apparently learned from Queen Elizabeth from, like, visiting England or something.

We have a gut feeling that this particular political endeavor is so fetch—as in, never gonna happen. Meanwhile, we'd like to recommend another possible candidate with far greater political pop culture impact:


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