Man, LiLo cannot catch a break.

Lindsay Lohan shows off sideboob in belted red leather on the cover of Kode magazine, but the trouble-attracting actress is now claiming that the interview is full of fabrications and was faked.

Her rep insists that LiLo completed the interview via email and did not have any sort of interaction with a writer, and therefore the mag's assertions that she was drinking and that she is seeing a married man are false.

Lohan, who revealed she miscarried during a pregnancy while filming of her OWN reality show, and her press agent categorically denied the mag's claims, which were picked up and republished by several major news outlets yesterday (April 21).

"Lindsay never spoke to any journalist at Kode. The interview was completed via email," her rep told E! "We have no comprehension on why a journalist would fabricate this content and distribute it in such an irresponsible way."

Kode's side of the story? They didn't make anything up. Editor-in-chief Allan Troy Watson told E! that the interview took place as it was presented and that the mag has witnesses. "I have sworn testimonies that it took place that back up everything," he says.

Also, Kode's executive editor Jacob Simon said, "Yes, the interview took place and everything stated in the article is fact and came directly from Lohan herself. And we have photos chronicling the writer and Lindsay's numerous times together."

Clearly, there are two VERY different sides to the same exact story here, and some of the mag's claims are suspicious. The mag writes that LiLo, who battled addiction issues, sipped from her "freshly topped off glass of Vodka on the rocks." The writer also said he last saw Lohan when she hit Day 2 of Coachella with an Evian bottle filled with vodka, as well.

That's odd, since the actress was in the middle of taping a show documenting her sobriety and her attempt to make a comeback. Why would she 86 those efforts and reveal these things in an interview with a magazine that isn't Vanity Fair or Rolling Stone?

Gossip Cop also debunked the myths in the story, pointing out that the mag claims LiLo talked about Jared Leto, but they spelled his name wrong. So much for fact-checking.

As for the married man with kids? According to Gossip Cop, the mag says Lindsay claimed, "Oh this guy I’m seeing sent me a jet because he wants to see me. But he’s married with kids."

What a mess. The mag is going to have to prove what it wrote and what it quoted Lohan as saying. One would think that the mag would hand over its transcript tapes to shoot down any accusations, since the Lohan camp is making a serious claim. Why would the mag need sworn testimonies when all it has to do is cough up the taped interview? Why would it need photos as proof?