Lindsay Lohan's highly anticipated OWN docu-series, 'Lindsay,' premiered its first episode last night, March 9. While the pilot ep wasn't as jaw-droopingly intense as we thought it might be, it definitely set the stage for how the series is going to go. As she says on camera, Lindsay is hoping to show the world her truth, which is exactly what her life is like post-rehab. Read on to find out the most eye-opening moments from the series' inaugural episode.

Lindsay's Devotion to Her Family

"It's comforting to be around my family," Lindsay reveals to the camera. "They're a big part of my recovery." While Lindsay's home life has been notoriously unstable (her mom Dina is often seen as an enabler and her dad Michael has wreaked havoc on the actress's life), she is close with her mom and three siblings.

"I hate hearing people that I love cry, especially my mom, because it kills me," Lindsay reads aloud from a diary she kept while in the Betty Ford clinic in 2012. Soon after, Lindsay gets angry when rehashing the incident that lead to her mom's tears, which was that Dina wasn't allowed to visit her daughter while in rehab. Still, there are happier moments with Lindsay's fam, like when she is beaming with pride (even getting choked up) when her sister Ali models in a fashion show.

Just How Ruthless the Paparazzi Can Be

"Look at my watch," one paparazzo proudly shows off to the camera. "Lindsay paid for it."

One good shot of the actress can make a paparazzo rich, but it leaves the actress with little privacy and, quite literally, a roadblock to her recovery.

“We’ve been stuck in the [hotel] room all day because there’s like 40 paparazzi outside and I really don’t feel like dealing with them today,” she told the camera, adding that she feels like a "prisoner all the time" due to the intense scrutiny. The actress declined to go to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting later that evening due to the paparazzi and her belief that it wouldn't be fair to the rest of the group.

Her Experience With Jail and 'The Bling Ring'

In 2008, Lindsay Lohan was a victim of 'The Bling Ring,' the group of wealthy Los Angeles teens who burglarized celebrities' homes, later made famous in the Sofia Coppola film. But while Alexis Neiers, the leader of the Ring, was serving a brief amount of time in jail for her actions, Lindsay was right next to her serving time for her own.

"When I was put into jail," Lindsay recalls, "I was put into solitary, obviously for safety purposes. The  girl [Alexis Neiers] I guess was in the same pod next to me, and they released her," Lindsay said.

Her Trust Issues

"Once someone promises me something and they break that promise, I lose all trust in them," Lindsay says. "That happened to me when I was a kid, with my dad."

In the first episode, we see her trust issues shine through when she has a meltdown over a lingerie film shoot she agreed to help out with for a filmmaker friend. When the filmmaker changes the script on her (something they did not agree upon in their initial contract), Lindsay gets visibly upset and storms out of the room, crying and yelling about the incident and the sudden change in plans.

What She Wants to Show Fans

At the beginning of the episode, Oprah asks the starlet what she wants out of filming this documentary. Lindsay responds that she wants people to see her for who she is.

"I'm here. I'm showing up. I'm sober," Lindsay claims at the end of the episode. "And I'm dealing with it."

We're rooting for you, Lindsay! Tune in to the second episode of 'Lindsay,' airing next Sunday night, March 16, at 10 PM on OWN.