It's a battle of the redheaded actresses! Both Lindsay Lohan and Emma Stone are known for their gorgeous ginger locks, which have since become trademark looks for both fair-haired beauties. Which actress rocks the red hair best? 

Lindsay Lohan gets points for being a natural redhead. Though the actress has changed up her hair color over the years, dying it various shades of platinum blonde and even going the dark, almost raven-haired route, she went back to her roots (literally), donning a gorgeous strawberry shade that looks great on her. Lindsay is at her best with red hair: The actress looks the most like herself, and the sunny shade gives her a happy glow.

While Emma Stone is actually a natural blonde (gasp!), the fact that her red locks compliment her so well is a testament to just how well she can rock it! It is notoriously difficult to pull off red hair if you're not a natural redhead, but Emma makes it look effortless, and her dark ruby shade looks great against her porcelain skin and makes her eyes pop. Though she has since dyed it platinum blonde, Emma Stone's red hair will always hold a special place in our hearts!

Whose red hair do you like the best? Cast your vote for Lindsay Lohan or Emma Stone below!

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