During a visit to BBC Radio 1Xtra's Live Lounge, New York City-based duo Lion Babe put their own spin on Amy Winehouse's lament to lost love, "Love Is a Losing Game."

Covering Amy Winehouse is risky, to say the least. Her music was a true extension of herself -- as it usually is with any artist deserving of legend status, which Amy is -- so to hear a different version of one of her songs usually feels wrong or off in some way. That doesn't mean her music is off-limits necessarily, but a bar is set unusually high for the artists who cover her. In other words, it's become the norm to go with a more traditional, straight-forward version of Amy's songs.

But rather than stick to a slightly modified rendition of the track, which is a stripped-down ode to the destructive nature of love, Lion Babe went opposite all that, opting for a more upbeat sound. It's a risk that works for singer Jillian Hervey, who brings her soulful vocals to the track, layered over Lucas Goodman's electronica-infused beats.

It's an interesting departure from Amy's original, and certainly not one we would have ever seen coming. But we appreciate the original spin they put on it, daring to mess with perfection in an attempt to showcase who Lion Babe really is as an artist.

You can check out Lion Babe's cover of "Love Is a Losing Game" in the video above.