In a perfect world, nobody wastes time mulling over breakups or matching self-pity with pints of ice cream. Still, as Little Mix prove in their new video, sometimes it's best to call up your best friends, order more pizza than any of you can possibly stomach and wallow, wallow, wallow.

In a new treatment for "Hair" released earlier today (April 20), Leigh-Anne calls her gal pals after discovering some unsavory news about her boyfriend via Instagram. In a flash, the ladies are all at her door (Perrie even brings her dog along!), and get to work helping Leigh drown her sorrows with specialty cocktails, curling-iron lip-syncing sessions and enough gossip to land them a collective Page Six column.

"'Cause he was just a dick and I knew it / Got me going mad sitting in this chair / Like I don't care / Gotta get him out my hair," the ladies sing as they exact Risky Business-worthy slides across hardwood floors.

And while Leigh-Anne's fictional man is the subject of controversy in the clip, rumors circulated in October 2015 that the song is actually about Perrie's ex, Zayn Malik. In an interview with UTV's Total Access, Jade explained the use of the word "dick" in the song by pointing out: "...when you break-up with someone, they are that word, so it’s all right to say in a song.”

Perrie then added: “Yeah it is. He was just a bell-end and I knew it."

Watch the video above and tell us what you think of Little Mix's latest in the comments.

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